Rob Harrison

Rob Harrison

NFU Environment Forum member

Rob farms in partnership with his wife Emma and 3 children, farming just over 600 acres in north Gloucestershire, mainly on family tenancies. 

He milks 200 Holstein Friesian crossbred cows on an autumn calving forage based system, rearing his own young stock and beef.

The farm is organic, with a number of diverse leys and historic permanent pasture. Some cereals and diverse cropping, such as bi-cropped wheat and beans and arable forage of barley, oats, peas and vetch are grown for the cattle.

The farm has invested in solar panels and energy saving devices within the dairy to work towards net zero.

The land is in Countryside Stewardship, hundreds of metres of hedges have been planted over the years and orchards improved and it grows some wild bird seed cover. More recently, hundreds of trees for an agroforestry project have been planted and an aim is to manage the grazing and cattle to improve soils to make the farm more resilient.  

The farm hosts school visits and is part of Arla’s regenerative pilot project.

Rob said: "We are continuing to learn how we can produce top quality highly nutritious food while also do more to improve and enhance our environment."