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Trelleborg Group

Trelleborg is offering eligible NFU members discounts on the full range of Trelleborg Group agricultural tyres, including its Mitas, Maximo and Cultor brands.

As a leading global supplier of tyres and complete wheel systems for agricultural and forest machinery, we offer highly specialised solutions to create added value for customers. We are a partner with all leading manufacturers of tractors and agricultural machines.

Trelleborg has been at the forefront in technological tyre innovations to assist farmers in being able to “produce more with less” for many years. Their latest innovations include the multi-award winning ProgressiveTractionTM tread technology - a double edge lug that improves farming efficiency by boosting grip through progressively releasing higher traction when required. In the field, the ProgressiveTractionTM design provides superior traction capacity, reduced working time, as well as lowering operating and fuel costs.

With a wide footprint area, ProgressiveTractionTM provides premium respect for the soil, farm productivity and crop yield.

The ProgressiveTractionTM technology is so efficient, that it successfully sent a tractor to the South Pole.

What is the discount?

To find out how much money you could save, and for eligibility please see our terms and conditions document (requires member login).

How do I get the discount?

  • Visit an eligible tyre dealer and negotiate the best price for your agricultural tyres.
  • Call NFU CallFirst on 0370 845 8458 (allowing up to 5 days for delivery as Tyre Cashback Vouchers are only sent by post) and request a Tyre Cashback Voucher for the relevant tyre manufacturer.
  • Once you have received the Tyre Cashback Voucher, sign it and send it along with a copy of your invoice back to the NFU in the self-addressed envelope included with the Tyre Cashback Voucher.
  • Once received by the NFU, the NFU will forward all of the paperwork on to the relevant manufacturer who will then process your claim within 42 days of receipt.

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